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About "YoungBlaze"

        YoungBlaze – Born Maurice Clopton – hails from the south side of Chicago, yet his audience is worldwide! His massive online fan base is evidenced by millions of YouTube hits and plays. Through creativity and talent, YoungBlaze continues to enhance his brand, perfect his craft & expand his global reach. Garnering international recognition, his overseas performances in countries such as; Denmark and the Kingdom of Bahrain serve as an illustration of the rewards for hard work and determined dedication. This hard work and dedication continue as YoungBlaze the rapper has evolved into YoungBlaze the producer, writer, and mixing engineer, as well as a photographer who directs & edits in filming. 

        Earlier stages of YoungBlaze music had a very fast and rapid approach accommodating his lyrical abilities.  Fans of Twista, Tech-n9ne, and Busta Rhymes took an immediate liking to his fast-paced rhyming skills and helped create the buzz of his internet cult following stardom song, “344 Words in 1 Min.” As YoungBlaze has evolved overtime attracting new fans of artist such as Drake, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar. YoungBlaze’s lyrical abilities & creative content proves and shows he continues to form a well-rounded fan base! 

        In order to take full advantage of his talents and govern the direction of his career, YoungBlaze, in partnership with Marcus Lipsey, launched “Quantum Era Ent.”  Q.E.. serves as an umbrella for the collection of abilities possessed by YoungBlaze as he takes his name & brand to the next level and will also provide a performance platform for newcomers with true talent… 

When asked, what drives him? YoungBlaze responded, “Most Artists are Concerned about Records To Sell. I am More Concerned about Records I have to break!